Issue #5—3-30-2020

I told you last time that I started a new blog about blogging. I put it under my personal domain and called it “Jason’s Blog on Blogging,” but it seemed a little too hokey to me. Then I changed it to only “Jason’s Blog” (like Seth Godin’s blog), where it remains for now.

I would kind of like to remove it from my personal domain in case I want to use that for something else later. I have also been thinking of folding this newsletter into my blog, so all of my blogging content is in one place.

So next week, I am going to move all the content to another domain (which I haven’t bought yet) along with all of my newsletter members, and I will be sending the new newsletters directly from my blog and not Substack.

You probably won’t even know the difference, except for a new look and logo.

So the next time you get a newsletter from me, it will be with the new branding.

Look for it next week!

Stay Safe!

Jason Weiland

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